The Prevention and Management of Falls in the Community: A Framework for Action for Scotland 2014/15

The aim of the Framework for Action is to support a more consistent approach to falls prevention and management and in doing so improve experiences and outcomes for older people, their families and carers; and to accelerate the pace of implementing integrated falls and fragility fracture pathways.

Policy Context

Implementation of the Framework for Action will contribute to delivering the aspirations, aims and outcomes of a number of key national policies, strategies and programmes, including:

  • Healthcare Quality Strategy for NHSScotland (2011) and the 2020 Vision (2012)
  • The National Delivery Plan for the Allied Health Professions in Scotland (2012)
  • Co-ordinated, Integrated and Fit for Purpose: the Delivery Framework for Adult Rehabilitation in Scotland (2007)
  • Reshaping Care for Older People; A Programme for Change 2010-2021
  • Working together for better patient care. A strategic Framework for our people, patients and partners 2010-15
  • Maximising Recovery and Promoting Independence: Intermediate Care's contribution to Reshaping Care (2012)
  • Prescription for Excellence. A Vision and Action Plan for the right pharmaceutical care through integrated partnerships and innovation (2013)
  • Gaun Yersel! The self management strategy for long-term conditions in Scotland (2008)
  • Caring Together: The Carers Strategy for Scotland 2010-2011
  • Scotland's National Dementia Strategy 2013-2016
  • Somewhere to go and something to do. Active and Health Ageing: An Action Plan for Scotland 2014-16
  • Start Active, Stay Active: A report on physical activity for health from the four home countries' Chief Medical Officers (2011)
  • Scottish Vision Strategy 2013-18 (RNIB Scotland)
  • The Scottish Government's Unscheduled Care Programme

Effective falls prevention and management requires co-ordination and collaboration across health and social care, as well as the third and independent sectors. The integration of health and social care presents an opportunity to strengthen the planning and delivery of an integrated multiagency pathway.


Email: Susan Malcolm

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