The Prevention and Management of Falls in the Community: A Framework for Action for Scotland 2014/15

The aim of the Framework for Action is to support a more consistent approach to falls prevention and management and in doing so improve experiences and outcomes for older people, their families and carers; and to accelerate the pace of implementing integrated falls and fragility fracture pathways.

Implementing the Framework for Action

This is a national Framework which allows scope for a local approach to pathway development involving local stakeholders, building on and integrating with existing care and support for older people. However, Scotland is a rich source of examples of successful implementation of many of these actions. Partnership areas can learn from the successes and challenges of others. Some examples are referenced in the document. More information on these and further examples can be found on the Knowledge Network's Falls and Bone Health Community:

Other local 'enablers' for pathway implementation include focused leadership, information sharing and an informed and skilled workforce.

In most CH(C)Ps/partnership areas the development of integrated pathways is being led and co-ordinated by a local Falls Lead. The Falls Leads' network has had a central role in developing the Framework for Action; contact details of Falls Leads can be found on the Falls and Bone Health Community.

A number of relevant awareness, education and learning resources have been developed in recent years and are currently available, details of which can be found on the Falls and Bone Health Community.

Implementation notes have been added to reflect some of the useful feedback received during the consultation process.


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