Preventing plastic pollution from pellet loss: supply chain approach

Reducing the risk of plastic pellet loss, particularly during transfer along the supply chain.

Annex A: Auditing assessment

At least annually, an external audit by an accredited auditor should include:

  • Risk assessment;
  • Relevant procedures, specifically including:
    • transfer of pellets from and to other businesses and intermediaries;
    • implementation of best practice to minimise the risk of spills;
    • action following spills;
    • treatment, handling and disposal of spilled material;
    • site inspection, monitoring and records;
    • control of contractors, including training and records;
    • procurement policy, approved suppliers register and purchasing records;
    • communication of compliance issues with suppliers and customers;
  • Training records;
  • Incident logs, including:
    • Root cause analysis;
    • Record of remedial action;
    • Record of action to prevent recurrence;
  • Internal audit records, including:
    • Regular site inspections, including:
      • Site boundary (where appropriate);
      • High risk locations both within and outside site boundary (e.g. outfall pipes, loading bays);
      • Any material outside primary containment.
    • Regular review of incident logs, including near misses;
    • Review of above procedures;
  • Evidence of continual improvement;
  • Visual inspection.



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