Police Negotiating Board for Scotland: annual report 2023

Annual report for 2023 produced by the Independent Chair of the Police Negotiating Board for Scotland (PNBS).


Review of PNBS effectiveness

With the PNBS only launched in August, no formal review has been carried out of the effectiveness of the Board in this reporting year. However an Operations and Guide Review Group has been set up to review all PNBS processes and procedures and explore how these can be improved.

This group is chaired by the PNBS Chair with representation from each of the member organisations. Secretariat is provided by the Scottish Government. The group met twice in the reporting period, on 4 and 13 December.

The purpose of the group is to review how the PNBS meets the statutory requirements and remit as described in the PNBS constitution, including governance arrangements, and ensure processes meet the needs of all members and stakeholders. Recommendations will be presented to the PNBS in 2024 for approval and implementation.

Conciliation and arbitration

Conciliation and arbitration arrangements were not used in the reporting period.


Email: PNBS@gov.scot

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