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Guidance on the plant pests and diseases that are of a significant risk to Scotland.

Anoplophora chinensis (Citrus Longhorn Beetle) is a serious invasive pest from south east asia.

It can infest a wide range of broadleaved trees and would be a major threat to horticulture and the wider environment if it became established here.

The larvae feed inside the tree and are almost impossible to detect without cutting the stem, until the adult emerges leaving a visible exit hole.

In recent years there have been several findings in Europe, including interceptions in the UK, of beetles and potentially infested plants, imported from Asia. Since the larvae may live inside the stem for up to four years, we must continue to be vigilant for adults emerging, and spreading to new hosts. They are likely to be most active in July and August.

Please look out for this pest.

Citrus Longhorn Beetle on the UK Plant Health Portal

Further information on Citrus Longhorn Beetle including signs of disease, current outbreaks and contingency planning on the UK Plant Health Portal.

If you suspect this disease

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