Planning performance and fees: consultation analysis

Analysis of a consultation to obtain the views and opinions of stakeholders on a new approach to how the performance of planning authorities is measured, the role of the National Planning Improvement Co-ordinator (NPIC) and the new structure for the planning fee regime.


1. Planning Performance Framework

2. It is understood that glasshouses in gardens are covered by GPDO

3. Head is the change in water levels between the hydro intake and the hydro discharge point. It is a vertical height measured in metres. High Head schemes have a large vertical height.

4. Run-of-river hydro schemes are small scale schemes that take some of the water out of a burn at the 'intake' point, carry it down the hillside in a buried pipeline to a turbine house, before returning it to the same burn at the 'outfall'.

5. Note that the maximum fee for Category 14 is £100,000 and £150,000 for Category 19

6. Consultation document states "a rate of £250 per ha" but believe it is calculated on £250 per 0.1ha

7. Although the consultation states that conversions will be charged at the same rate as residential units, the rate for 11 to 49 units in Category 1 is £450.

8. 3 business, 1 civil society, 1 development industry

9. 2 policy and planning



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