Planning improvements for disabled pupils' access to education: guidance for education authorities, independent and grant-aided schools

Guidance to support responsible bodies in the development and maintenance of accessibility strategies.

Appendix B: Education and Associated Services


The following are examples of what would be considered within the broad definition of education and associated services. Most of these examples will carry duties under the Equality Act:

  • preparation for entry to the school,
  • the curriculum, teaching and learning,
  • classroom organisation,
  • timetabling,
  • grouping of pupils,
  • homework,
  • access to school facilities,activities to supplement the curriculum (such as a drama group visiting the school),
  • school sports,
  • school policies,
  • breaks and lunchtimes,
  • the serving of school meals,
  • interaction with peers, assessment and exam arrangements,
  • school discipline and sanctions,
  • exclusion procedures,
  • school clubs and activities,
  • school trips,
  • the school's arrangements for working with other agencies, andpreparation of pupils for the next phase of education.
  • preparation of pupils for the next phase of education.


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