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Planning circulars: index

A list of planning circulars, containing our policy on implementation of legislation or procedures.

26 Aug 2016
Planning circulars: index

We have produced and published the following circulars:

2/2017: Town and country planning (fees for monitoring surface coal mining sites) (Scotland) regulations 2017
1/2017, Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Scotland) regulations 2017
3/2015, planning controls for hazardous substances
2/2015, non-domestic permitted development rights
1/2015, relationship between the statutory land use planning system, marine planning and licensing
6/2013, development planning and addendum
5/2013, schemes of delegation and local review
4/2013, planning appeals and addendum
3/2013, development management procedures and addendum
2/2013, fees for applications and deemed applications
1/2013, strategic development plan areas
3/2012, planning obligations and good neighbour agreements
2/2012, houses in multiple occupation
1/2012, householder permitted development rights
6/2011, compulsory purchase orders
5/2011, disposal of surplus government land
4/2011, demolition which is not development
2/2011, general permitted development, non-domestic microgeneration
1/2011, tree preservation orders
3/2010, limit of annual value
10/2009, planning enforcement
9/2009, memorandum of guidance on listed buildings and conservation areas
5/2009, hierarchy of developments
3/2009, notification of planning applications
2/2008, statutory guidance on strategic development planning authorities
7/2007, outdoor sports facilities and open space
6/2007, general permitted development (avian influenza amendment) (revoked by 2/2015)
4/2007, general development procedure
3/2007, Planning (Scoytland) Act 2006 (consequential provisions)
1/2007, controls for marine fish farming
3/2006, carriage of dangerous goods and use of transportable pressure equipment
2/2006, Transport Act 2000 (consequential amendments)
1/2006, notification of applications (amendment direction 2006)
2/2005, limit of annual value
1/2005, planning applications development affecting trunk roads and special roads
3/2004, electronic communications
2/2004, strategic environmental assessment for development planning
1/2004, fees for applications and deemed applications (amended by 2/2013)
4/2003, consequential amendments to planning and compulsory purchase legislation
2/2003, safeguarding of civil aerodromes and technical sites (revised in March 2016)
8/2002, control of development in airport public safety zones
3/1999, compensation for restrictions on mineral working and mineral waste depositing
2/1999, minerals regulations (addendum)
20/1998, notification of planning applications (amendment)
17/1998, planning and compulsory purchase order inquiries and hearings (procedures and good practice) (amended by 6/2011)
15/1998, notification of planning applications (amendment)
4/1998 (addendum), model planning conditions
4/1998, use of conditions in planning permissions
2/1998, water and sewerage authorities: above ground sewerage works (revoked by 2/2015)
1/1998, use classes (amended by 7/1998)
36/1997, compulsory acquisition of land: land compensation rate of interest
17/1997, environmentally sensitive areas
5/1997, consultation of planning applications for roadside facilities and developments affecting playing fields
34/1996, review of old minerals permissions
32/1996, local plan inquiries (code of practice)
16/1996, retailing
10/1996, development contrary to development plans
5/1996, cost of inquiries etc.: standard daily amount
4/1996, consultation with community councils and Scottish Environment Protection Agency, etc. (amendment)
1/1996, local plan service standards (withdrawn)
18/1995, simplified planning zones
15/1995, demolition which is not development
2/1995, demolition, toll road facilities and miscellaneous amendments (amended by 15/1995 and 4/2011; amends Annex B (in particular paragraphs 1-6 of Annex B no longer apply))
29/1994, consequential on coal privatisation (amendment)
25/1994, notification of applications (amendment)
20/1994, permitted development rights for mineral working and exploration (amendments)
17/1994, land compensation (additional development) forms
15/1994, level crossing safety and the planning system
13/1994, development contrary to development plans (superceded in part)
42/1992, Licensing (Scotland) Act 1976: section 23(2)
9/1992, enforcement of tree preservation orders
5/1992, general permitted development order (withdrawn)
26/1991, environmental assessment and private legislation procedures (amended by 15/1999)
21/1991, land compensation and compulsory purchase (amended by 6/2011)
3/1991, permitted development for electricity undertakings: electricity generating stations and overhead lines
6/1990, award of expenses in appeals, other planning proceedings and compulsory purchase order inquiries
14/1989, advertisements: delegation of appeals
18/1987, development involving agricultural land (amended by 29/1988 and 25/1994)
17/1987, listed buildings of conservation areas (new provisions and revised guidance) (partially superseded)
9/1987, development control in national scenic areas
12/1986, onshore oil and gas operations
25/1985, telecommunications development (amended by 9/1986)
10/1984, control of advertisements
32/1983, structure and local plans (amended by 7/1985)
21/1983, private house building land supply: joint venture schemes (amended by NPPG 3 and PAN 38)
39/1980, development in the vicinity of British Gas installations
20/1980, development control in national scenic areas (amended by 9/1987)
78/1978, Interpretation Act 1978
26/1977, town development grants towards cost of amenity buildings and works
19/1977, national planning guidelines (amended by 20/1980)
74/1976, town and country planning regulations
61/1976, Land Compensation (Scotland) Act 1973: acquisition of land under sections 20(2) or 24(2): basis of assessment of purchase price (amended by 21/1991)
93/1975, certificates of appropriate alternative development (amended by 21/1991)
89/1975, special financial assistance for oil-related infrastructure provided by local authorities
79/1975, Offshore Petroleum Development (Scotland) Act 1975 (reinstatement of land)
74/1974, redemption of few duties etc.; compulsory purchase orders
60/1974, home loss, disturbance payments etc. (associated with 84/1973)
51/1974, development affecting fishery interests
84/1973, Post Office operational land: introducing the PO Operational Land Regulations 1973. Land Compensation (Scotland) Act 1973 (amended by 4/1989 and 21/1991)
25/1973, Post Office operational land: introducing the PO Operational Land Regulations 1973
97/1972, services of district valuer
92/1972, disused railway lines in the countryside
15/1968 and memorandum, grants to local authorities in respect of comprehensive redevelopment and public open space
75/1967 and memorandum, Countryside (Scotland) Act 1967
2/1962, areas of great landscape value and tourist development proposals



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