Planning circular 2/2015: non-domestic permitted development rights - consolidated circular - updated 2021

This circular consolidates, updates and replaces certain previous guidance on non-domestic Permitted Development Rights (PDRs).

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Directions restricting permitted development

8. The GPDO contains provisions, set out in Article 4 of the GPDO, allowing planning authorities or Scottish Ministers to make Directions (commonly known as Article 4 Directions) removing PDR for particular types of development or classes of development. For example, Article 4 Directions limiting householder permitted development are often associated with conservation areas.

9. The process to be followed, particularly whether the approval of Scottish Ministers is required can vary depending on the content and scope of the Direction. Different procedures apply to Directions restricting development in respect of minerals under classes 54 (development relating to mineral explorations) or 56 development related to mining), which are covered by Article 7 of the GPDO.



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