Planning circular 2/2015: non-domestic permitted development rights - consolidated circular - updated 2021

This circular consolidates, updates and replaces certain previous guidance on non-domestic Permitted Development Rights (PDRs).

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Annex K

Cycle Storage (Non-Domestic)

1. Class 9I of the GPDO enables the provision of a structure within the curtilage of a commercial building[52] for the purpose of temporary storage of pedal cycles. There are no size restrictions, and no restrictions on the location of the structure, other than

  • if the building is in a conservation area, the cycle store should not be located in the front curtilage of the building; and
  • it must not obstruct clear sight of a road or footpath by the driver of a vehicle entering or leaving the curtilage of the building.

2. Class 9K of the GPDO allows for the siting of a structure within the boundaries of a public road for the temporary storage of pedal cycles, without the need for a planning application as long as it does not exceed the following dimensions:

  • 1.5 metres in height;
  • 2.5 metres in depth; and
  • 5 metres in length.

3. The structure must also not be positioned so that it creates an obstruction to light to another building.

4. Permission from the local council as Roads authority must be obtained before the structure is erected.



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