Planning Advice Note 67: housing quality

Planning Advice Note (PAN) 67 explains how Designing Places should be applied to new housing.

Planning Advice Note PAN 67 Housing Quality


Anderson Bell + Christie
Andrew Lee
Bett Homes
Cadell 2 Architects and Urban Designers
Chris Stewart Architects
Communities Scotland
Davis Duncan Architects
Dundee City Council
Elder and Cannon Architects
Glasgow City Council
Herbert Stolz
Homes for Scotland
Ian Darby Partnership
Ian White Associates
Levitt Bernstein
Malcolm Fraser Architects
McKeown Alexander
MRG Massnahmeträger München-Riem GmbH
Peabody Trust
Peter Ferstl
RMJM Scotland Ltd
Robert Cowan
Stadtplanungsamt, Ingolstadt
Stadtplanungsamt, Regensburg
Walker Group (Scotland) Ltd
Wren Rutherford A-S:L


Enquiries about the content of this Planning Advice Note should be addressed to Susan Whitty, Scottish Executive Development Department, Planning, 2-H, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh EH6 6QQ (0131 244 7551) or by e-mail to: Further copies may be obtained by telephoning 0131 244 7543. A copy of this PAN is also available on the Scottish Executive planning website at


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