Pesticide usage in Scotland 2016: soft fruit crops – revised 2020

Revised report to correct inaccuracies in active substance application weight data that were overestimated in the original soft fruit crop 2016 report published in 2017.

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Reason for Report Revision

This report has been reissued to correct inaccuracies in active ingredient application weight data that were overestimated in the original report.

This issue only affects certain herbicide active ingredients in relation to active ingredient quantity applied. All formulation and active substance application areas and percentage of crop treated are unaffected.

The tables containing amended data are:

Table 19 – Strawberry herbicide active substances

Table 23 – Raspberry herbicide active substances

Table 26 – Blackcurrant herbicide active substances

Table 29 – Other soft fruit herbicide active substances

Table 32 – Mode of action/chemical group of herbicide active substances

Table 34 – Principal active substance by weight

Table 36 – Total soft fruit crop, comparison with previous years

Table 48 – Relative standard errors for total soft fruit

Table 49 – Relative standard errors for protected and non-protected soft fruit

The figures containing amended data are:

Figure 6 – Use of pesticides on soft fruit crops (percentage of total quantity of active substances applied)

Figure 7 – Quantity of the major pesticide groups applied to soft fruit crops in Scotland 2011/12-2016

Figure 8 – Weight of pesticide (kg) applied per hectare of crop grown

Text relating to the data contained in these tables and figures have also been revised in the general pesticide usage and pesticide usage by crop sections.



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