Pension Age Winter Heating Payment consultation: easy read

This consultation is to gather evidence on people’s views of the current benefit, consider how we could improve the system already in place and ask if the policy intent set out will best meet the needs of those it aims to help.

Eligibility criteria and how much the payment will be

We do not plan to change the eligibility criteria for PAWHP.

Eligibility criteria are the rules that help us decide who can get the payment.

People who get Winter Fuel Payment just now because they have reached the state pension age will automatically get a PAWHP payment.

The state pension is money you get from the Government every month when you reach the age of 66.

We plan to keep the same payments which means:

  • a household where the oldest person is under 80 will get £200
  • a household with a person aged 80 or over will get £300

The amount of money is different if a person is in residential care.



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