Pension Age Winter Heating Payment consultation: easy read

This consultation is to gather evidence on people’s views of the current benefit, consider how we could improve the system already in place and ask if the policy intent set out will best meet the needs of those it aims to help.

When the payment will happen

We know it is important for people to get money for energy costs early in the winter.

At the moment WFP is paid to eligible people in November or December.

Eligible means you have the right to get something.

We know that some people would like to get their payments earlier but we need more information about:

  • how many people would find it helpful?
  • would it be expensive to just give early payments to the people who want them?
  • should we give everyone early payments?

We plan to make payments in November or December but would like to know what you think about this.

Question 4a. Do you think payments should still be made to people in November or December each year?



I do not know

Question 4b. Please tell us more about your answer.

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Question 5. How could we make the way we pay this benefit better for people who are not on the gas grid because they live:

  • in the countryside, far from a town or city
  • on an island

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