Pension Age Winter Heating Payment consultation: easy read

This consultation is to gather evidence on people’s views of the current benefit, consider how we could improve the system already in place and ask if the policy intent set out will best meet the needs of those it aims to help.

What is this consultation about?

A consultation is when the Scottish Government asks people for their views before important changes are made.

The Scottish Government will introduce the Pension Age Winter Heating Payment in winter 2024 to help older people cover heating costs.

Pension Age Winter Heating Payment will be paid instead of the Winter Fuel Payment in Scotland.

In the rest of this document we will call it PAWHP for short.

We want to know what you think about the PAWHP and if there are any changes we could make to this benefit to make it better.

There are 21 questions.

If you do not know the answer to a question miss it out.

If you do not want to answer a question miss it out.

To fill in this Easy Read version:

  • click on the box of the answer you agree with and a tick will appear.

If you change your mind you can click on it again to untick it.

  • if you have more to say, type in the ‘type your answer here’ spaces.

The space will get bigger as you type.

Social Security Policy Division

Welfare Fund and Winter Benefits Policy Unit

150 Broomielaw

5 Atlantic Quay

GlasgowG2 8LU

  • email or post your answers to us by 15 January 2024



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