Coronavirus (COVID-19): international policing responses - part 2 - easing of lockdown

This review (part 2) considers international policing approaches and responses during the easing of lockdown (up to 15 June 2020) and future considerations.

Human Rights and Equalities considerations

  • Police have to comply with human rights requirements on any limitation to freedom of assembly, expression and thought/conscience/religion in the context of enforcing public health regulations. Issues around public assembly - ranging from recreational sites to public demonstrations such as Black Lives Matter and counter protests - have been a particular challenge to the police[7]
  • There have been concerns raised of a 'postcode lottery' of policing under the emergency powers, and the criminalisation of certain communities/differential treatment in enforcing restrictions
  • There may have been biases against Minority Ethnic communities,[8] especially when it comes to spot checks or stop and search
  • Collect equalities data on the use of police enforcement powers where possible
  • Carefully consider the use of technology by the police, taking into account individual privacy rights



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