Coronavirus (COVID-19): international policing responses - part 2 - easing of lockdown

This review (part 2) considers international policing approaches and responses during the easing of lockdown (up to 15 June 2020) and future considerations.

Annex 3: Country Selection Matrix

Countries were selected where transferrable lessons could be drawn for Scotland, in terms of being similar countries or policing systems.

France was also included to allow learning from different policing approaches.

Country Pop. (million) Geography (km2) English speaking Single Force Four 'E's model Routinely Armed Common or Civil Law
England 56.3 130,279 Y N Y N Common
Northern Ireland 1.8 5,500 Y Y Y Y Common
Republic of Ireland 4.8 70,273 Y Y Y N Common
New Zealand 4.8 268,000 Y Y Y N Common
Netherlands 17.2 41,543 N Y N Y Civil
Norway 5.3 385, 252 N Y N N Civil
France 66.99 643,801 N Y N Y Civil



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