Coronavirus (COVID-19): international policing responses - part 1 - during lockdown

This review (part 1) considers international policing approaches and responses to policing the lockdown, up to the 7 May 2020.

Priority Areas for Medium and Longer-term Consideration/Action

  • The urgent need to assess the crime and disorder implications of a severe recession and the resources available to the police to manage this post-COVID-19, when demands on policing resume
  • The real test for the policing of the pandemic is likely to be in the months to come as restrictions are eased.[6]
  • Identify the role of the police in the second phase of the lockdown
  • Clarify differences between legislation, regulation and simple guidelines
  • Prioritise democracy and human rights when de-escalating emergency measures and police surveillance
  • Clarify how emergency powers and temporary limitation of rights are going to be phased out once COVID-19 is under control
  • Policing the coronavirus regulations must not come at a cost to assisting victims of crime, especially victims of domestic abuse



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