Coronavirus (COVID-19): international policing responses - part 1 - during lockdown

This review (part 1) considers international policing approaches and responses to policing the lockdown, up to the 7 May 2020.

Annex 1: Useful References

College of Policing, Covid 19 Hub

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SIPR blog series:

Social Distancing in the Pandemic: Policing and Compliance - Dr Peter Neyroud, Prof Manuel Eisner & Prof Amy Nivette, 24 April 2020.

States of Control - The Dark Side of Pandemic Politics - Transnational Institute

The rise of technologically-mediated police contact: the potential consequences of 'socially-distanced policing' - Dr Helen Wells, Dr Liz Aston, Dr Megan O'Neill and Professor Ben Bradford

COVID-19 monitoring technology. CERT-EU,

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