Purchase to pay (P2P) reviews: guide for public bodies

Guide to requesting an independent review of your organisation's purchasing processes.

Review process

P2P reviews are carried out by members of our eCommerce post-award team.

How long a review will take, depends on its scope. As a guide, reviews are usually carried out over a three month period.

The process is as follows:

  1. Kick-off presentation: we (the SG) will co-present with your organisation to those who will be involved to give an overview of the review process.
  2. Interviews: we will carry out interviews with a wide range of staff to gather their opinions on P2P within your organisation.
  3. Online survey: as we are unable to meet with all staff within your organisation, an online survey will be issued to gather the opinions of all staff involved in the P2P process.
  4. Data analysis: we will gather and analyse data from P2P systems. 
  5. Final presentation: this will present all findings of the P2P review to all staff involved. We will carry out a workshop for staff to give their views on challenges and opportunities presented.
  6. Action plan: this will detail the P2P review process that was undertaken for the organisation, key findings and the output of the challenges and opportunities workshop that staff participated in.

Key scope areas

Below are the key scope areas covered in a Purchase to Pay (P2P) review. Prior to any review the scope will be tailored to meet the needs of the public body.

System review Payment Supplier and content Spend analysis People
PECOS P2P Payment options in use Use of catalogue content management Invoice values Silo working
Legacy systems Payment options available Supplier adoption (processes/control) Invoice volumes Collaboration between departments
Integrations Commitment accounting Control management of suppliers across multiple systems Spend across systems Communication
Functionality Payment processes Content options in use Purchase orders v invoices Change management
Systems and strategies eInvoicing capability How suppliers are developed Potential savings Develop relationships

Who needs to be involved

We will be looking to interview members of staff from your:

  • procurement department
  • finance department
  • IT department
  • budget holders
  • users of main P2P systems
  • users of legacy systems


For more information contact the P2P review team at:

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