Creating Hope Together - suicide prevention strategy and action plan: outcomes framework

The new suicide prevention outcomes framework underpins our strategy and offers an ambitious approach to setting out the range of changes needed across society to reduce suicide deaths in Scotland.

Part 4: Reporting

The proposed annual reporting cycle for the Strategy is as follows:

  • An annual report will by produced by the Suicide Prevention Delivery Collective showing progress in implementing the Action Plan as well as evidence of changes to outcomes (initially this will focus on short term outcomes only).

Scheduled for May

  • The National Suicide Prevention Advisory Group (NSPAG) will consider the annual report, and provide an assessment of progress to Scottish Government & COSLA, with views on whether any reprioritisation/ redirection is necessary.

Scheduled for June

  • The annual report will be published online by Scottish Government and COSLA.

Scheduled for July (the first annual report will be published in 2024)

Additionally, the NSPAG will receive updates from the Suicide Prevention National Delivery Lead on strategic delivery issues 3 times per year, as part of its business meetings. This will also afford an opportunity for NSPAG to provide strategic delivery advice to the Delivery Collective or to provide in-year advice to Scottish Government & COSLA.

Notes for Annex B (supporting document):

1. Suicidal behaviour comprises suicide attempt and suicide death.

2. Unless specified, the terms 'data' and 'intelligence' are used to cover lived experience insight, practice insights, data, information and intelligence.

3. The timescales for achieving the short and medium term outcomes are indicative.

4. We anticipate many of our actions will contribute to more than one outcome (although there is likely to be a primary outcome where the change is anticipated to occur).

5. The numbering of the nine short term outcomes is for reference purposes, and to assist reporting. The numbering of the four long term outcomes align with how they are set out in the Strategy.



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