Creating Hope Together - suicide prevention strategy and action plan: outcomes framework

The new suicide prevention outcomes framework underpins our strategy and offers an ambitious approach to setting out the range of changes needed across society to reduce suicide deaths in Scotland.

Part 2: The Outcomes Framework

The outcomes framework is set out in the diagram at Annex B (supporting document). This sets out our theory of change on how the short and medium term outcomes will contribute to the achievement of the four long term outcomes, and ultimately the vision set out in the Creating Hope Together Strategy.

Ongoing development

As mentioned above, the outcomes - and the relationship between outcomes - will be reviewed and updated in light of new intelligence, research, or other forms of evidence, or societal changes.

As we continue to develop and embed the outcomes approach to suicide prevention, we will also ensure our theory of change accurately reflects our understanding of:

  • the relationship between implementation of actions and the achievement of outcomes, and
  • the relationships between short term, medium term and long term outcomes – and the ultimate vision.

Underpinning the outcomes and their measurement, we will ensure that our growing knowledge of what works in preventing suicide is reflected across our outcome based approach – for example, our understanding about the social determinants and intersectionality of factors which increase suicide risk (and make people more or less likely to be affected by suicide). This knowledge will be gained in many ways, including from routine evaluation of our activities, in addition to lived experience insight, research, and insight from practitioners.



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