Mother and Baby Unit (MBU) capacity increase options: consultation

A consultation on how to increase Mother and Baby Unit provision or equivalent services to support women with severe mental illness during the perinatal period and their infants. This consultation will inform the development of an options appraisal, as recommended in Delivering Effective Services.

Section B: Mother and Baby Units (MBUs)

Section 31 of the Mental Health (Scotland) Act 2015, 'Services and accommodation for mothers', imposes a legal duty on health boards to provide for joint admission of a mother and baby to suitable facilities, where the infant is under 12 months, and it is in the best interests of both mother and infant. It is widely accepted that suitable facilities are those provided in dedicated mental health Mother and Baby Units (MBU), staffed by professionals with appropriate training and expertise.

Mother and Baby Units (MBUs) sit within a range of interconnected services, recommended by Delivering Effective Services, which address the needs of women, infants and their families who experience mental ill health in the perinatal period. These include specialist community perinatal mental health teams, maternity and neonatal psychological interventions services, wider infant mental health provision, the third sector and peer support. These are complemented by universal maternity and primary care provision and by general mental health services.

1. How familiar are you with the Mother and Baby Units (MBUs) that exist currently?

  • Not at all familiar – A bit familiar - Familiar – Quite familiar - Very familiar

2. If you are familiar with existing Mother and Baby Units (MBUs) can you tell us;

a) What works well

b) What doesn't work well

c) What can make it hard for women to access the service

d) What improvements you would suggest

3. If you have lived experience of mental health problems in pregnancy or after childbirth, is there anything else you want to tell us about your experience of care?



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