Opt out organ donation: a rapid evidence review

Information about the review that was undertaken to inform a potential move to a soft opt out system in Scotland.

3. Additional factors associated with increasing organ donation

This review aimed to provide a broad and brief overview of other factors (independent of legislation) that might contribute to increased organ donation and transplantation.

3.1 Contextual factors

Contextual factors account for some of the differences in the effectiveness and impacts of opt out systems observed between countries. Contextual factors include the infrastructure supporting organ donation; investment in healthcare; public attitudes to and awareness of organ donation; the population's age distribution; and causes of death. The last two factors are particularly important in determining the potential number of donors available (Rennick, 2015). Rithalia et al., (2009) found in at least one study that mortality from road traffic accidents, gross domestic product per capita, religion (Catholicism), education and health expenditure per capita were associated with high organ donation rates.


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