Healthcare Improvement Scotland and Scottish Government: operating framework

Sets out how we will work with Healthcare Improvement Scotland, including roles and responsibilities.

Contribution to Scottish Government priorities

11. HIS supports the delivery of the Scottish Government's Quality Strategy and specifically the outcomes of the Health and Social Care Delivery Plan[12]. This is set out in HIS' Strategic Plan, Making Care Better, and through its five strategic priorities:

  • Enable people to make informed decisions about their own care and treatment.
  • Help health and social care organisations to redesign and continuously improve services for people.
  • Provide evidence and share knowledge that enables people to get the best out of the services that they use and help services to improve.
  • Provide and embed quality assurance that gives people confidence in the quality and sustainability of services and supports providers to improve.
  • Help to make best use of all the resources committed to health and social care.



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