Publication - Independent report

One million acres by 2020: strategy report and recommendations

Published: 11 Dec 2015

A report of the findings and recommended actions from the 1 Million Acre Short Life Working Group to get 1 million acres of land in community ownership by 2020.

One million acres by 2020: strategy report and recommendations
2. Vision & Principles

2. Vision & Principles

The 1 million acre target is underpinned by the following vision and set of principles, which were developed by the SLWG in conjunction with wider stakeholders:

A Scotland where a significant increase in the amount of land in community ownership will contribute to a fairer Scotland by helping diversify land ownership and create more sustainable, resilient and empowered communities throughout the country.


1. Increase social justice, fairness and the progressive realisation of human rights; and further the sustainable development of Scotland's land, economy, communities and places.

2. Reduce inequalities through wider access to resources resulting from more community/ diverse land ownership.

3. Supporting communities to realise their aspirations and control their destinies, through increased confidence and cohesion and public support to acquire land and assets.

4. Passing power to more communities through subsidiarity and local decision-making, where communities lead change for themselves.

5. Maximise the collective talents, creativity and determination of communities across Scotland