Nursery rates relief: evaluation

Evaluation of the nursery non-domestic rates relief scheme implemented in Scotland during 2018. We committed to evaluating the benefits of the scheme after it had operated for three years.


1. Nurseries within a building which is used mainly for other purposes, such as a primary school, would be ineligible. In addition, eligibility may be restricted below 100% due to subsidy control considerations.

2. See recommendation 4.25, Non-domestic tax rates review: Barclay report

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5. Care Inspectorate Data Store, May 2022: Datastore ( Registered capacity is the total number of children that can be cared for in a setting at one time.

6. If part of a residential property is used for non-domestic purposes, it may be liable for NDR in principle. This would be for the Scottish Assessors to determine.

7. Those childcare services that have identified themselves as nurseries in the Care Inspectorate statistics may not always be classified in the same way on the NDR Valuation Roll. Day care of children services other than nurseries include children and family centres, crèches, playgroups, holiday playschemes, out of school care and "others". Source: Early Learning and Childcare statistics 2020.pdf (

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13. The figure presented here is the median value which is less affected by outliers in the dataset and therefore provides a meaningful measure of the average costs of delivery. As part of the quality assurance process, responses in excess of £20 were excluded from the calculation of mean and median values to adjust for where a small number of respondents may not have entered an hourly cost figure or misinterpreted the question.

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17. The Financial Sustainability Health Check of the Childcare Sector indicated that, on average, private providers receive between 33% and 45%, and third sector providers between 69% and 77%, of their income from their local authority.

18. The figure for third sector settings was 0.05%, presumably as they were already able to claim charitable rates relief.

19. Early Years Scotland, Care And Learning Alliance, National Day Nurseries Association, Scottish Out of School Care Network.

20. As only two providers were interviewed, a more detailed account of the two interviews is removed from this published version to preserve the anonymity of feedback provided



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