New Scots Approach

There are five principles which form the New Scots approach:

Integration From Day One

The key principle of the New Scots strategy is that refugees and asylum seekers should be supported to integrate into communities from day one of arrival, and not just once leave to remain has been granted.

A Rights Based Approach

The New Scots strategy aims to empower people to know about their rights and to understand how to exercise them.

We support refugees and asylum seekers because it is the right thing to do; people should be able to live safely and realise their human rights.

Refugee Involvement

The New Scots strategy actively encourages refugees and asylum seekers to be involved in helping to shape the strategy and its delivery.

Inclusive Communities

The New Scots strategy supports refugees, asylum seekers and our communities to be involved in building stronger, resilient communities which enable everyone to be active citizens.

Partnership and Collaboration

The New Scots strategy has been developed collaboratively to coordinate the efforts of organisations and community groups across Scotland involved in supporting refugees and asylum seekers.