For a welcoming Scotland where refugees and asylum seekers are able to rebuild their lives from the day they arrive.

To achieve this vision, we will work to ensure that Scotland:

  • Is a place of safety for everyone, where people are able to live free from persecution as valued members of communities.
  • Enables everyone to pursue their ambitions through education, employment, culture and leisure activities.
  • Has strong, inclusive and resilient communities where everyone is able to access the support and services they need and is able to exercise their rights.
  • Is a country that values diversity, where people are able to use and share their culture, skills and experiences, as they build strong relationships and connections.

The New Scots strategy sees integration as a long-term, two-way process, involving positive change in both individuals and host communities, which leads to cohesive, diverse communities.

The New Scots strategy aims to support refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland's communities. This includes people who have been granted refugee status or another humanitarian protection status; people seeking asylum; and those whose application for asylum has been refused, but who remain in Scotland.