Contributing to New Scots

The New Scots strategy has been built on a model of partnership working, led by the Scottish Government, COSLA and the Scottish Refugee Council. The strategy also draws on the support and expertise of many partners across public services, local authorities, the third sector, the private sector and community groups, who are all working together to achieve collective goals.

Many organisations and people across Scotland may not be directly involved in the implementation of the strategy, but can still contribute by welcoming and supporting people in communities. Organisations and community groups can use the information contained in the strategy to plan activity and service provision in a way which enables asylum seekers and refugees to participate.

Everyone can contribute to New Scots by showing support for refugees and asylum seekers. Simple ways to show support include:

  • Being welcoming to refugees, asylum seekers and indeed anyone, who is new in the local community.
  • Finding out more about refugees and asylum seekers, for example, by attending events like Refugee Festival Scotland, which is held in June each year.
  • Volunteering. There are a number of organisations across Scotland which welcome volunteers. Even if local opportunities do not directly engage with refugees and asylum seekers, it is still possible to contribute to the wider community. Opportunities can be found through Volunteer Scotland. [4]