A New Look at Hall 4 – the Early Years – Good Health for Every Child

Guidance setting out the way forward for the successful delivery of Health for All Children (Hall 4) in the early years.


Modernising Nursing in the Community

Public Health Nurses play a pivotal role in contributing to the health and wellbeing of children, young people and families. The focus of professional practice is early intervention; prevention and health promotion for children and families; promoting social inclusion and reducing inequalities in health; addressing key public health priorities and supporting the capacity of families to parent within their local communities through the provision of universal services. It is through universal services that needs are assessed and individualised responses are developed at the earliest opportunity.

The Modernising Board for Nursing in the Community was established in September 2009. Its aim is to support NHSScotland to provide high quality, sustainable nursing care in the community by assisting NHS Boards to modernise and further develop community nursing services which meet the challenges of providing community care which is fit for the 21 st century and deliver clear benefits for service users. It is timely that a framework for public health nursing is developed which has a practical focus on improved outcomes for children and young people.

The Children, Young People and Families sub group (0-19) is one of 3 initial work streams reporting to the Modernising Board for Nursing in the Community. The decision to focus on Public Health Nursing - Health Visiting (0-5) in the first instance was informed by growing evidence about the extent to which both vulnerabilities and potentials in adult life are shaped by experiences pre-birth and in the early years ( Early Years Framework 20082). The early years are a key opportunity to shape a Scotland of the future which is smarter, healthier, safer, stronger, wealthier, fairer and greener.

The Board will have completed much of this work by early 2012.

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