A New Look at Hall 4 – the Early Years – Good Health for Every Child

Guidance setting out the way forward for the successful delivery of Health for All Children (Hall 4) in the early years.


Shona Robison, MSP

The Scottish Government is committed to giving children in Scotland the best possible start in life. To achieve this, we need to provide the most effective support to children and their families, making sure they are able to access it when needed, and empower families so that they are fully involved in the decisions made.

This guidance concentrates on the early years of life - emerging evidence shows that early intervention and support is the key to helping children reach their full potential. The guidance sets out the need for flexibility in the allocation of the Health Plan Indicator, making sure a full assessment of the child's needs and circumstances is taken into account before making a decision on how much and the type of support required. The re-introduction of the 24-30 month assessment aims to provide support at this key stage of development and to detect any concerns as early as possible. The health improvement message, which is at the heart of the Hall 4 ethos, is further reinforced and NHS Boards are asked to ensure that key advice and messages are provided in an appropriate way.

In developing this guidance we have taken into account the views of health professionals who provide these services, and of the families who receive them. I believe it will enable health professionals to deliver the best support to children and families in order to help them achieve their potential.

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Shona Robison, MSP
Minister for Public Health and Sport

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