Emamectin benzoate (EmBz) - environmental quality standard (EQS) - implementation: consultation

Sets out our directions to the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) on the application of a new environmental quality standard (EQS) for Emamectin benzoate (EmBz). We are seeking views on the timescale SEPA should implement to apply the new EQS reducing the discharge limits for these farms.

Regulatory approach

After consideration of consultation responses, we will direct SEPA to apply the new EQS for EmBz. Also to establish a timescale for applying the new EQS to previously authorised discharges of EmBz.

SEPA will then work with the operators of marine finfish farms to ensure they have the information they need on the reduction in their licenced discharge limits that will be required in due course so that they can plan accordingly.

Emamectin Benzoate is very persistence in the environment. As such, it is likely to take some time before concentrations resulting from previous discharges decline sufficiently to achieve the new EQS. We expect SEPA to take this into account in planning how operators of marine finfish farms demonstrate progress in delivering environmental improvement.


Email: waterenvironment@gov.scot

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