Emamectin benzoate (EmBz) - environmental quality standard (EQS) - implementation: consultation

Sets out our directions to the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) on the application of a new environmental quality standard (EQS) for Emamectin benzoate (EmBz). We are seeking views on the timescale SEPA should implement to apply the new EQS reducing the discharge limits for these farms.

UKTAG process for setting standards

In deriving the EQS for EmBz, UKTAG considered several sources of information and followed internationally-accepted guidance set under the EU Water Framework Directive. UKTAG derived these standards, based mainly on laboratory work on ecotoxicity, supported by field data including data submitted by industry.

EQSs are set by UKTAG to be protective of all species that may be at risk. For example aquatic animals and plants, sediment-dwelling organisms, or predators that feed on aquatic organisms. It then collates information on the effects on aquatic biota, assesses the quality of the data, decides which are critical for the determination of the standards. This process and the outputs are documented in the EQS report.

An independent peer review of the EQS report ensures that proposals are valid scientifically, and that the data used to derive them are sound and complete. Independent peer reviewers advise on the adequacy of the data and the extent to which these data should influence the final EQS. The independent peer reviewers also advise on how the UKTAG should interpret the data. Results are discussed between UKTAG members and peer reviewers.

When the UKTAG recommend EQSs to UK administrations, Scottish Ministers decide how to take forward the recommendation. To prevent operational disruption for the sector, we are consulting in order to consider how to phase in the new EQS.


Email: waterenvironment@gov.scot

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