A new definition of fuel poverty in Scotland: review of recent evidence

A report by a panel of independent experts who conducted a review of the definition of fuel poverty in Scotland.

List of Acronyms

AHC: After housing costs

ADRD: Alzheimer's Disease and related dementias

AHFC: After housing and fuel costs

ASHRAE: American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers

BHC: Before housing costs

BRE: Building Research Establishment

BREDEM: Building Research Establishment Domestic Energy Model

CC: Conventional control

CFU: Consumer Futures Unit

DEFACTO: Digital Energy Feedback and Control Technology Optimisation

DUKES: Digest of UK Energy Statistics

EFUS: Energy Follow-Up Survey

EHS: English House Condition Survey

EU: European Union

EU-SILC: European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions

FC: Fuel costs

FP: Fuel poverty

FPSWG: Fuel Poverty Strategic Working Group

HBAI: Households below average income

HH: Household

HIDB: Highlands and Islands Development Board

LIHC indicator: Low Income High Cost indicator

LILC: Low Income Low Cost

MD: Multiple deprivation

MIS: Minimum Income Standard

NGO: Non-governmental organisation

NICE: National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

NTR: New temperature regime

OECD: Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

Ofgem: Office of Gas and Electricity Markets

PHE: Public Health England

PSE: Poverty and Social Exclusion

SAP: Standard Assessment Procedure

ScotPHN: Scottish Public Health Network

SEEP: Scotland's Energy Efficiency Programme

SG: Scottish Government

SHCS: Scottish House Condition Survey

SHS: Scottish Household Survey

WEMWBS: Warwick and Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale

WW1: World War 1

WHO: World Health Organisation

ZC: Zonal control


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