A new definition of fuel poverty in Scotland: review of recent evidence

A report by a panel of independent experts who conducted a review of the definition of fuel poverty in Scotland.

The Review Panel

Glen Bramley is Professor of Urban Studies at I-SPHERE (Institute for Social Policy, Housing and Equalities Research), Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, with previous research experience, particularly at Bristol University's School for Advanced Urban Studies. His recent research has focused on planning for new housing, the impact of planning on the housing market, housing need and affordability, urban form and social sustainability, poverty, deprivation and the funding and outcomes of local services.

Suzanne Fitzpatrick is Professor of Housing and Social Policy and Director of the Institute for Social Policy, Housing and Equalities Research ( I-SPHERE), Heriot-Watt University. She specialises in research on homelessness, complex needs, destitution and other forms of severe disadvantage.

Christine Liddell is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Ulster University in Northern Ireland. She led the team which reviewed Northern Ireland's definition of fuel poverty in 2011. She currently works on developing algorithms that identify small local areas where people experience the most severe fuel poverty, for which she was awarded an MBE in 2016.

Janette Webb is Professor of Sociology at the University of Edinburgh, UK. Her research, funded by the RC-UK Energy Programme, is about comparative European policy and practice for sustainable heat and energy efficiency. She collaborates with a network of local authorities, government officials and energy businesses, and is a member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Inquiry into Scotland's Energy Future.


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