New cancer strategy: consultation

We have started developing a new cancer strategy for Scotland and want to seek wide ranging views on what should be prioritised as we recover from the pandemic and beyond. The consultation will be live from 12 April 2022 until 7 June 2022, this document has been developed to support responses.

Section D: Consultation Questions - Type of document

47. The current national cancer plan is an interim plan designed specifically to help cancer services recover from the effects of COVID-19 over a period of just over 2 years. The previous strategy had a timeline of 5 years.

48. The options considered for this new strategy are:

i. Extending or renewing the current recovery plan taking into account the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

ii. A 5-year strategic plan to indicate that the short-term recovery plan was interim and that we are shifting back to a more normal approach.

iii. A longer-term strategy with short-term action plans which will evolve with changing landscape but remain consistent with the overarching ambitions.

49. We are proposing to take forward a 10-year high-level ambitious strategy underpinned by three shorter-term action plans (option 3). This would help set out a longer-term vision and goals while addressing the different stages of recovery and rebuilding that will be necessary, alongside the continuing advances in cancer services.

50. Initial conversations regarding the proposed options indicated that extending the current plan (option 1) would result in fewer opportunities for innovation and new responses. Moreover, a 5 year strategic plan (option 2) risks omitting the ongoing challenges and changing circumstances.

Question 2a
Do you agree with this proposal?

Do you agree with a 10-year high-level strategy which will be underpinned by three shorter-term action plans. Please respond yes or no.


Question 2b
Please explain your answer and provide any additional suggestions.

Please explain your answer to Question 2a.




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