New cancer strategy: consultation

We have started developing a new cancer strategy for Scotland and want to seek wide ranging views on what should be prioritised as we recover from the pandemic and beyond. The consultation will be live from 12 April 2022 until 7 June 2022, this document has been developed to support responses.

Section C: Consultation Questions - Overall

46. We will continue to build on the success and use learning from our previous plans, however we would also like to hear about new ambitions you think we should prioritise.

Question 1a
What are the most important aspects of the cancer journey you would like to see included in a long-term strategy?

Think about, for example, prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, support for people with or affected by cancer, other care.


Question 1b
Are there particular groups of cancers which should be focused on over the next 3 or 10-years?

Examples of groups may include secondary cancers or less survivable cancers.


Question 1c
What do you think we should prioritise over the short-term?

Consider what needs addressed within the first 3 years.




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