Climate change - Net Zero Nation: public engagement strategy

Sets out our overarching framework for engaging the people of Scotland in the transition to a net zero nation which is prepared for the effects of our changing climate.

Annex B – Theory of Change

Vision Everyone in Scotland recognises the implications of the climate emergency, fully understands and contributes to Scotland’s response, and embraces their role in the transition to a net zero and climate ready Scotland.
Impacts People are aware of the action that all of Scotland is taking to tackle climate change and understand how it relates to their lives People actively participate in shaping just, fair and inclusive policies that promote mitigation of and adaptation to climate change Taking action on climate change is normalised and encouraged in households, communities and places across Scotland
Outcomes The Scottish Government and Scotland’s key communicators deliver a consistent and impactful message about our climate change national endeavour People understand the causes and consequences of climate change and the need for ambitious mitigation and adaptation action There are many opportunities for people to have their views heard on Scotland’s response to climate change and to hear the perspectives of other people in Scotland The Scottish Government listens to, acknowledges, and responds to people participating in policy design People understand the actions that they are encouraged to take and how to take them Social norms are changed through increased local and community engagement and action on climate change
Indivative Actions Inform, Consult, Involve, Collaborate and Empower
Promote and maintain Net Zero Nation website Deliver public awareness campaigns Enhance consultation process Apply lessons from Scotland’s Climate Assembly Engage through culture and heritage Encourage community climate action
Ensure accessibility Promote positive messaging Deliver Just Transition commitments Deliver COP26 engagement and legacy Build strong stakeholder partnerships Support climate change education
Implement the updated Climate Change Plan Communicate climate impacts Involve children and young people Facilitate climate conversations Encourage connections with nature Promote a place-based approach
Support trusted messengers



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