Climate change - Net Zero Nation: public engagement strategy

Sets out our overarching framework for engaging the people of Scotland in the transition to a net zero nation which is prepared for the effects of our changing climate.

Making This Strategy A Success

The publication of this strategy is only the beginning of an ambitious new chapter. For it to be successful, we will need to work collaboratively. This strategy outlines an evidence-based blueprint for public engagement with people at the heart of our transition to net zero. The focus of the three strategic objectives is on increasing public understanding and acceptance of the ambitious policy response necessary for us to achieve our climate change commitments, and on enabling people in Scotland to actively participate in developing that policy and take action to meet our climate ambitions.

Success against this strategy cannot be achieved by working in isolation. It will require the expertise, knowledge and passion of all corners of society including from our local authorities, businesses, third sector organisations and communities. The Scottish public is key to the success of this strategy. They must feel able to engage now and beyond this strategy’s lifetime. By working in partnership, as part of a national effort, we can achieve the just and fair transition required to achieve a net zero nation and a climate ready Scotland.



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