National public bodies: directory

Directory providing a summary of key information on Scotland's national devolved public bodies.

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Notes on non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs)

Scottish Government Funding 2015-2016 provides information on allocations from Scottish Government Departmental Expenditure Limit budgets following the Spring Budget Revision process in 2015. The information for Health Bodies, apart from the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland, provides the initial budget allocation for 2015-16. The information for Mobility and Access Committee for Scotland and Public Transport Users Committee for Scotland is the actual funding allocated to the bodies. The 2015-16 funding figures do not include any income to the bodies listed from other sources. Parliamentary Bodies and Commissioners are normally funded from the Parliament's budget. The information will be updated annually.

Staffing – the number shown are for the total headcount from the organisations payroll (i.e. not secondments or contract workers) and these numbers come from returns for the public sector employment statistics to the Scottish Government or the Office for National Statistics. These are updated quarterly through the year (hence "Q1" "Q2" etc). Read further information on labour market statistics.

NHS staffing figures are permanent headcount and are sourced from ISD Scotland, the official source for NHS Scotland workforce information. NHS figures are also published as part of the quarterly Public Sector Employment (PSE) series.

The person named as Chief Executive is the current postholder.

Chief Executive salary information (except for NHS Health Boards and Special Health Boards) reflects the salary paid in the stated financial year and includes any relevant bonus, performance or back pay paid at that time. Bonus/performance awards may relate to previous financial years and in some cases may cover more than one previous financial year. Where the current Chief Executive was not in place during the stated financial year, this has been identified. The information will be updated annually.

From October 2010 the Scottish Government asked NDPBs and Public Corporations to list on their respective websites the name and annual salary of members of their senior leadership team. The Public Sector Pay Policy webpages on this website provide links to the salary information on public body's respective websites. This information mirrors that published by the UK Government on the Cabinet Office website. This is a useful information source, it is important to note that the Directory provides information on total salary paid (including bonus and performance pay) in the previous financial year for the Chief Executive as opposed to current annual base salary (listed in £5,000 bands) for the senior leadership team.

Salary information for NHS Health Boards and Special Boards reflects actual salary paid (including any allowances) together with employer pension contributions.

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