National Marine Plan - A Summary of Objectives and Policies

Summary document containing the objectives and policies from the National Marine Plan.

Wild Salmon and Diadromous Fish

Objectives and policies for this sector should be read in conjunction with those set out in the General Policies and Strategic Objectives. It is recognised that not all of the objectives can necessarily be achieved directly through the marine planning system, but they are considered important context for planning and decision making.

1 Economic Social

An appropriate management and regulatory framework is in place to sustainably manage salmon and diadromous fish and fisheries resources to provide significant economic and social benefits for the people of Scotland.

2 Economic Social Marine Ecosystem

Maintain healthy salmon and diadromous fish stocks (and improve stocks where possible) in support of sustainable fisheries through sound science-based management.

3 Economic Social

Better understand interactions with other activities in marine and coastal areas and resolve key issues.

Marine planning policies

Economic Social Marine Ecosystem WILD FISH 1: The impact of development and use of the marine environment on diadromous fish species should be considered in marine planning and decision making processes. Where evidence of impacts on salmon and other diadromous species is inconclusive, mitigation should be adopted where possible and information on impacts on diadromous species from monitoring of developments should be used to inform subsequent marine decision making.


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