National Marine Plan - A Summary of Objectives and Policies

Summary document containing the objectives and policies from the National Marine Plan.


Objectives and policies for this sector should be read subject to those set out in the General Policies and Strategic Objectives. It is recognised that not all of the objectives can necessarily be achieved directly through the marine planning system, but they are considered important context for planning and decision making.

1 Economic

Growth of the marine aggregates industry in Scotland, ensuring supply is available to meet demand should it arise while taking account of environmental impacts.

Marine planning policies

Economic Social AGGREGATES 1: Marine planners and decision makers should consider the impacts of other development or activity on areas of marine aggregate or mineral resource. Where an interaction is identified, consideration should be given to whether there are permissions for aggregate or mineral extraction and whether they require any degree of safeguarding.

Economic Marine Ecosystem AGGREGATES 2: Decision makers should ensure all the necessary environmental issues are considered and safeguards are in place when determining whether any proposed marine aggregate dredging is considered to be environmentally acceptable and is in accordance with the other policies and objectives of the Plan.

Regional policy: Regional marine plans should consider if areas of aggregate or mineral resource require any degree of safeguarding. <applies to inshore waters>


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