National Confidential Forum - A consultation on the creation of a Forum for Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse in Residential Care

Consultation on propopsals to establish a National Confident Forum for Adults who were in care as children.

Support for Participants

25. The experience of TTBH showed clearly that care must be taken in ensuring that support is available to those taking part before, during and after the hearings. TTBH had a support team in place at the venue and the TTBH Report recognised the value of that team. We would propose that a similar team would be in place for the Forum. We propose that participants should be able to bring a family member or friend to support them at the Forum or, if they prefer, someone from an external support service. Other support may also be important. We would be interested to hear your views on what other support would be needed.

Q7. What other support do you consider that participants would benefit from before, during and after the Forum?


Email: Linda Watters

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