National Confidential Forum - A consultation on the creation of a Forum for Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse in Residential Care

Consultation on propopsals to establish a National Confident Forum for Adults who were in care as children.

Executive Summary

The Scottish Government proposes to develop legislation to set up a National Confidential Forum (called 'Forum' in this consultation) in response to the Time to be Heard Report published in February 2011 - Time to be Heard was a successful Pilot Forum established to test out one way of hearing testimony from survivors who were abused in residential care as children.

It is proposed that the National Confidential Forum will give adult survivors who were abused in residential care as children the opportunity to describe their experiences in an informal setting and in confidence as far as possible, accepting that disclosure of confidential information will be necessary in some cases to prevent further harm or where required by law.


Email: Linda Watters

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