National Care Service - making sure your voice is heard: seldom heard voices co-design findings - easy read

We have been working with organisations who support people from groups and communities who often have barriers to engaging with government. We wanted to engage with these groups as they have not been as involved as other groups in our previous co-design work.

What’s next

What’s next for access and support planning

We will use what people have told us to make sure support planning is the same across the National Care Service. It will respect people’s identities.

What’s next for independent advocacy

We will use what people have told us to help improve independent advocacy for people who use the National Care Service. This will help people take part in decisions about their care.

We will continue to work with people to understand problems and come up with ideas to improve independent advocacy.

What’s next for complaints

We will use what people have told us to improve the complaints processes for the National Care Service.

We will look at whether guidance and training for staff could help people feel more understood and respected when they make a complaint.

What’s next for the National Care Service

The Scottish Government wants to set up a National Care Service.

We will keep working with people from groups we know we have not talked to enough.

We will keep working to make the social care sector better. This includes better conditions for our staff. We want it to be a good profession and bring more people into the sector.



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