National Care Service - making sure your voice is heard: seldom heard voices co-design findings - easy read

We have been working with organisations who support people from groups and communities who often have barriers to engaging with government. We wanted to engage with these groups as they have not been as involved as other groups in our previous co-design work.

What people told us about complaints

1. The complaints system is too complicated. It stops people from making a complaint.

Some people said is not worth their time to make a complaint. This is because they feel it will be too complicated or it will not make things better.

Some groups said they did not want to cause trouble. People from Gypsy or Traveller communities worry that they will be treated unfairly if they make a complaint.

People with dementia said they needed support from someone like a close family member to make a complaint.

People said they were not given correct timelines for dealing with their complaint. They were not kept up to date when these changed.

People need accessible information on making a complaint. People should be told what is happening at each step.

How we will use this

We will think about how different people can find it hard to make a complaint. We will make sure the complaints system is accessible for people accessing social care and their carers.

We will also think about how to make sure people get clear, accessible information about making a complaint.



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