National Care Service: business and regulatory impact assessment

Business and regulatory impact assessment for the National Care Service (Scotland) Bill.


1. The Economic Value of Adult Social Care: The Economic Value of Adult Social Care | Scottish Social Services Workforce Data (

2. Scotland's carers update release, Scottish Government, 2022:

3. Scottish government calculation of replacement care and hospital days avoided (April 2022) using results in Weaver et al: Does availability of informal care within the household impact hospitalisation? Health Econ Policy Law. 2014 Jan; 9(1):71-93.

4. Care Home Census for Adults in Scotland, published in December 2021.

5. The number of adult carers is based on the Scottish Health Survey (SHS) 2020 (published at: Scotland's carers: update release - (, Scottish Government 2021) and the profile is based on Scottish Surveys Core Questions (SSQC) data (2016-19).

6. Scottish government analysis of replacement care and hospitalisation (April 2022)



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