National Care Service: business and regulatory impact assessment

Business and regulatory impact assessment for the National Care Service (Scotland) Bill.

Test run of business forms

There will be no new forms for businesses introduced as a direct consequence of the Bill provisions on the establishment of the NCS, reservation of the right to participate in procurements by certain types of organisation and enhanced enforcement powers for the Care Inspectorate.

The right to breaks from caring will use the existing structure of the Carers Act and adult carer support plan/young carer statements, therefore existing forms/documentation will continue to be sufficient.

The introduction of Anne's Law is likely to require a care home resident's Care Plan to record their preferences as to who they wish to nominate to support their care. This is not an express requirement of the Bill but it is not expected to be problematic. Care Plans are already a standard part of the process when a resident moves into a care home. There is no proposal to introduce any other forms in connection with Anne's Law. Should any be required the intention would be to utilise or expand existing forms where that is possible as any additional information is not expected to be significant.



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