National Care Service: business and regulatory impact assessment

Business and regulatory impact assessment for the National Care Service (Scotland) Bill.

Consumer assessment

We do not anticipate any direct impacts on consumers from the Bill itself. The Bill aims to establish a system which results in consistent, fair and high quality social care and community health services which are provided to everyone who needs them. The Bill sets out the principles that the NCS will work towards which emphasise human rights, early intervention and prevention, Fair Work for care workers and financial stability in the services provided by the NCS. This overall approach should increase the quality of social care, social work and community healthcare provided to people and should safeguard vulnerable people by ensuring care is provided on a fair and equitable basis.

It is likely that the legislation and additional funding for the right to breaks from caring, will increase choice and availability of short break services for consumers, which may increase competition between businesses and result in reduced costs.

It is not considered that any of the other Bill provisions will have a negative impact on consumers or a disproportionate impact on vulnerable consumers.



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